37 Inspirational Quotes–Strong Mind, Happy Life

When you shed tears, you look up at the mountains and your eyes disappear with the sound of the pack bell. You see countless dragonflies coming from the depths of the sunshine beyond the rolling ridge line, trembling with golden light in your backward vision, suddenly filled with the silent sky. How can we see a rainbow without experiencing storms, taste all kinds of life, and understand the true meaning of life?

If you have not tasted the bitter fruits of failure, you will not understand the sweetness of success. Dealing with failure, when we are all lamenting the frustrations of fate, time slips away quietly in our sigh. But when it spreads over time, its effect is far from the original intention: people who fail in their career, those who suffer setbacks in their emotions, those who are frustrated in their official life, and even those who are slightly upset, all come to listen to it, savor it carefully, and gain the strength and courage to survive or struggle from it.

37 Inspirational Quotes--Strong Mind, Happy Life quotes,happy,strong sentence

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